CD&Z at Lugano International Fiscal Forum

David Zahra, partner at Camilleri de Marco & Zahra Advocates, has recently addressed the Lugano International Fiscal Forum, the most important event dedicated to international tax issues and fiscal opportunities for entrepreneurs and investors in the Italian part of Switzerland (the Canton of Ticino). The Forum took place at the Palazzo dei Congressi, Lugano between the 22 and 23 May 2012.

The Forum was  organised by The Lantern Research ( in collaboration with a number of organisations including Camilleri de Marco & Zahra Advocates and Bank of Valletta.

The Forum set out to present the different fiscal, economic and financial aspects of different jurisdictions. Simone Meneghini (Bank of Valletta, Milano), Enrico Federici (Malta Enterprise) and David Zahra (Camilleri de Marco & Zahra Advocates) handled the space reserved for Malta with Mr Meneghini explaining the role of the Milano representative office, Mr Federici explaining the investment opportunities that exist in Malta and Dr Zahra speaking about the Maltese fiscal system by highlighting the benefits this offers to non-resident investors.

Click here for a copy of David Zahra’s presentation in Italian entitled Il sistema di tassazione a Malta.