DZ&A at convention on Malta organised by ABCGroup

Filippo Maria Arcaleni, from David Zahra & Associates Advocates, have recently participated in an business convention on intellectual property held at the Malta Enterprise head office at Gwardamangia Hill on Friday 24 May 2013. The event was organised by ACBGroup (

This event brought together various Italian professionals in the field of law and accountancy who are interested in the benefits Malta offers in the intellectual property field.

The speakers first gave an overview of the Maltese legal and fiscal system then focused on intellectual property law as well as customs controls. These two subjects are considered to be fundamental to the development of business and related to the growth of companies. In particular, customs controls are fundamental to fight  counterfeit products and are an effective tool to protect intellectual properties, including trademarks.

Throughout the event, DZ&A had the opportunity of exchanging knowledge with their counterparts on these areas.