Malta to become yachting hotspot in Mediterranean

EclipseThe Government of Malta is committed to continue developing Malta into an ‘excellent leading maritime centre in the Mediterranean’.

Malta’s geographical position in the center of the Mediterranean Sea, Malta’s natural ports and the Maltese traditional culture are a fundamental basis on which the yachting industry will be developed.

Over 500 people already work in this industry or have jobs dependent on it, including yacht marinas, refit and repair, registration, finance, legal and corporate services, marine surveyors, service agents, yacht brokers, management companies, chandlery, supplies and bunkering.

In a speech at a seminar entitled “‘Malta, A Better Destination for Superyachts” held on 11 September 2013, the Parliamentary Secretary for Competitiveness and Economic Growth underlined the political stability, a clear commitment to support  business development of high added value services, an attractive fiscal regime, a well respected flag, a robust legislative framework and an efficient administration create the right environment for this industry to be further consolidated and prosper.

The government is also clearly committed to ensure that yacht owners, especially super yachts owners, view Malta as an highly respectable jurisdiction in fields that although not directly related to yachting are important for them, such as the corporate, legal, and financial services.

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