DZ&A at Milan event on Iran and Islamic Finance

The potential of Iran and the growth of Islamic Finance as a means of European investment in the Gulf and vice IMG_0462versa were the main topics of discussion at a seminar held in Milan on 16 December 2015 and organised by Fondazione Istud.

Participants discussed the recent news of Iran’s return to the world trade circuit after the lifting of sanctions and various speakers highlighted the many business opportunities that were now available for European small and medium sized enterprises.

The seminar also focused on Malta’s role as a reputable and reliable financial services centre acting as a platform for investment in and out of the Gulf and sub-Saharan Africa. Simone Meneghini from the Milan representative office of Bank of Valletta spoke about Malta’s success as a financial services hub whilst David Zahra detailed the various opportunities existing in the field of Islamic finance, particularly as to how Islamic financial vehicles based in Malta could be used to attract capital and liquidity to Europe and as a means of investment in infrastructual and other projects in North Africa, sub-Saharan Africa and the Gulf.

FinanceMalta was one of the event’s main sponsors.