DZ&A at the MIM Yacht & Superyacht Symposium 2016


YachtAnndrea Mercieca, from David Zahra & Associates Advocates, recently attended ‘The Yacht & Superyacht Symposium 2016′.

The event was held on 9 June 2016 at the Westin Dragonara Resort and was organised by the Malta Institute of Management (“MIM”).

The symposium focused on yachting within the European territories and the advantages introduced by various jurisdictions around the Mediterranean Sea, in order to attract investment to their shores. It also considered the future of the yachting industry around the world, particularly Europe. One point of major importance that was brought to light was the need to be heard and to have a voice in the European Union and International Maritime Organisation. Malta was encouraged to be at the forefront, as it has done for so many centuries, and to represent the yachting industry in its plight in the European Union and the International Maritime Organisation, and to assist in  the understanding of benefits and importance of such an industry.