New Gaming and Digital Innovation Branches for Administrative Review Tribunal


The Ministry for Justice has recently announced that the Administrative Review Tribunal would be acquiring two new specialised panels: the first intended to hear cases relating to gaming, and the second intended to hear matters concerning digital innovation.

The role of the Maltese Administrative Review Tribunal is primarily to review the administrative acts of any entity representative of the Government of Malta; such as the issue of orders, licences, permits, warrants or concessions to any demand of a member of the public.

The addition of these two new branches will allow the Administrative Review Tribunal to take educated decisions in the areas of gaming and digital innovation on a more consistent and efficient basis.

The move is also highly reflective of the Maltese economy’s dedicated foray into the digital industry; and can be particularly attributed to the increase in administrative decisions stimulated by the very recent development of the Maltese Virtual Financial Assets framework and the considerable overhaul of Maltese gaming legislation.