MFSA launches the Capital Markets Supervision Function

Malta Financial Services Authority, Malta

The Malta Financial Services Authority (MFSA) has announced the launch of a fully-fledged Capital Markets Supervision Function in attempt to enhance Malta’s capital markets regime.

The newly set up function shall be responsible for the regulation and oversight of activities across capital markets, including but not limited to:

– Processing applications for admissibility to listing on regulated markets in Malta;

– Supervising ongoing duties of companies having securities listed on local regulated markets;

– Overseeing markets to identify potential market abuse; and

– Authorising and supervising trading venues and central securities depositories.

MFSA has appointed Lorraine Vella to lead the Capital Markets Supervision Function, with a view of maximising resources and enabling the efficient and effective implementation of the strategy.

For further information, one may refer to the MFSA’s news release here.

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