There are a number of advantages offered to foreigners who wish to purchase a home or to take up residence in Malta, including but not limited to the following facts:

– 300 days of sunshine a year and the best climate in the world, according to a ranking in the magazine ‘International Living’;

– two or three hours away from the major European airports;

– Friendly and hospitable local population;

– No communication problems with English and Maltese as official languages, while Italian is widely spoken, as well as German and French within the tourism sector;

– Family-friendly country with a low crime rate;

– Excellent social life for all ages, with bars, clubs and restaurants to suit all tastes and budgets and a thriving cultural scene with big name concerts, weekly outdoor festivals and many theatres and cinemas;

– One of the best health services in the world with a recently built state-of-the-art government hospital and many private clinics;

– Excellent school system based on the British model and a respected university;

– Low cost of living while all goods are easily available;

– A wide variety of property is available in all price ranges.

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