Trusts and foundations represent a growing segment of the financial services offered by Malta, which is fast becoming the wealth management jurisdiction of choice for people from across the world.

Malta trusts and foundations represent ideal financial instruments for those seeking solutions to their wealth management requirements, ranging from tax to succession planning. Indeed, Malta is establishing itself as a leading jurisdiction for asset protection for various reasons, including but not limited to the following key attractions:

Availability of both trusts and foundations

While trusts are peculiar to systems of law based on common law, foundations are characteristic of civil law jurisdictions. Malta, a civil law country, is one of the few jurisdictions that provides for both trusts and foundations and accordingly offers the advantages that are characteristic of each vehicle.

Highly regulated environment

Malta’s specific legislation creates a highly-regulated environment offering a high degree of assurance. In Malta trustees and foundation administrators are highly regulated and have to be specifically authorised by the Malta Financial Services Authority.

Value for money

Malta offers persons wishing to set up trusts in Malta significantly lower set up and administrative costs. Furthermore, the country’s professional service providers enjoy an excellent reputation internationally.

EU environment

A Malta trust or foundation operates in a well-respected and sophisticated EU environment.

Opportunities for tax planning

Malta’s tax regime makes Malta an ideal location for both trustees and foundations as well as for related service providers wishing to base operations in Malta.

David Zahra & Associates Advocates recognises the important role that such investment vehicles have to play in wealth management and is well positioned to advise on legal issues relating to both trusts and foundations, including but not limited to their creation and administration.

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