DZ&A at IBA European Start-up Conference in London

Firm Senior Associate Krista Ellul has participated in the IBA European Start-up Conference held in London on the 20th November 2019.

The conference was held at the Plexal Innovation Centre, a co-working space in East London and a leading venue for start-up companies in London.

This conference focused on bringing leading start-up lawyers from across Europe together and covered a number of topics ranging from the current start-up trends in London, to discussing spin-outs, and digital healthcare. The delegates who attended also participated in workshops to discuss both how to set up a successful startup law firm and pan-European standard lean investment model documents and the specific clauses to be included in such model documents. Lastly, start-up clients were present in order to discuss their expectations of startup lawyers.

This conference provided David Zahra & Associates further knowledge in relation to different option/incentive schemes, as well as clauses which are included in investment documents which differ among the European countries. Moreover, attendance at such conference provided the firm with further insight as to what is expected from lawyers by start-up companies