COVID-19 Employee Medical Benefit

The Superintendent of Public Health has ordered persons who: (i) suffer from diabetes and is dependent on insulin; (ii) are on biological medicines; (iii) had cancer in previous six months; (iv) are immuno-suppressed; (v) are undergoing renal dialysis; (vi) are pregnant; or (vii) were admitted to hospital for some respiratory disease over the previous six months; (viii) had a heart condition in the previous six months; (ix) are attending the heart failure clinic; and (x) are on oral steroids; to, as of 28 March 2020, stay at home.

Such persons are only permitted to go out for necessities or urgent personal matters.

Such persons, whether working part or full time, who: (i) cannot work from home; (ii) are not being paid by their employer; and (iii) are not yet retired; are eligible to receive a medical benefit.

Such benefit entitles one to a direct payment of €166.15 per week if one was working fulltime or €103.85 per week if one was working part-time.

The employee must apply for such benefit directly.

This scheme is being administered by the Department of Social Security.

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